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                        Kelly Stockwell is the heat behind the Mustard. Kelly's love for bluegrass and old-time music started with a few Pete Seeger records and grew from there. As a girl who once traded a car for a fiddle, now she can't get enough of bluegrass banjo, and is one of that special breed of women who think it's the sexiest thing going. A former student of Bruce, she quickly fell in love with his playing, among other things. Once they were married, she decided one banjo-player was plenty per household, and in 2006 she bought a double bass and got serious about playing it. She holds her own on that beast, and keeps the rest of the band in line. Kelly seems to have unlimited energy for all sorts of endeavors. She does most of the booking for the band, makes a really good quiche for practices, and works hard at mastering the ever-changing arrangements for the tunes. Inventor of the Bluegrass Jamball, a must-have for any serious picker, she's now writing a children's book about a musical family of mice, based loosely on Bruce's childhood love for the music of Earl Scruggs and others.      




"Kelly's bass work in Hot Mustard provides just that, plenty of hot mustard to their vibe." --- Ted Lehmann Keene, NH

Hot Mustard Ingredients
put the mustard to it (poobrevetlprime thschwa mubrevesprimetschward toomacr ibrevet)
v. To add a feisty burst of extra spice and flavor by kicking it into overdrive
New Hampshire and Vermont love Bluegrass and Banjos!